Using Storism

There are two main steps to using Storism, the first one is to add the ‘Assets’ to your account, the second is to configure Assets in your models.

Storism works on the following concepts


A creator is something which adds data into your organization


A field is a single item such as a First Name, a Document Title or a Credit Score. It can be used by one or more Entities. If you imagine typing this into a Spreadsheet, you could imagine this as being the Column Names.


An Item is made up of one or more Fields, a good example would be a Contact. It has Name, Email, and Phone Number Fields. If you were typing this into a Spreadsheet, you could think of this as the Worksheet.


A channel is the consumer of the Entity, if you’re creating an article, it could be your website, if it’s an Invoice it could be your Invoicing Sender.


A Model is a collection of Creators, Fields, Entities and Channels to tell a particular story. A Model can use any available Assets, whether it’s to show a migration between two Content Management Systems (CMS) or to test a new concept of creating a new Entity.

Updated 11 May 2020
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