How does it help my organisation?

There are three main areas that Storism targets to help your data health


An organization must know what systems they have, the data they operate on and where it goes. Without a clear understanding of this information, it is difficult to make informed decisions about adding, replacing or decommissioning systems.

Seeing Connections
Seeing Connections


IT Systems change, either through patches and upgrades, adding new functionality or adapting to other changes. You should be able to quickly see, communicate and respond to any adverse impact on other systems in your ecosystem.

Understanding Risk and Potential Issues
Understanding Risk and Potential Issues

Keeping track of GDPR and other compliance, in regards to data, can be time-consuming and organisations need to be able to quickly prove they are doing the right thing.


Organisations are constantly looking for ways to either cut costs by removing redundant systems, optimising usage or add new revenue streams. Storism helps IT departments surface the data within an organisation to see if there are ways of providing more value. Domain Experts can also see novel connections that could lead to a new Product Service or enhance and existing way of working.

Exploring New Opportunties
Exploring New Opportunties

Updated 11 May 2020
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